Photographer babies!

I absolutely LOVe shooting other photographer’s babies! Not only do i get to hang out with some of my closest “photog” buddies, I get to snuggle on their little ones! Double the awesome!!!

It’s so nice knowing that not only, other photographer’s love my work enough to book a session with me, but that it’s OK to be friends with other photographers! Photography is such a dog eat dog industry now, and it’s so hard to trust local photographers. We seem to have a real great group here, who support and encourage eachother, and are always willing to lend an ear when one of us needs to vent.;)I love the fact that we can refer clients to eachother, and not get competitive. We can shoot eachother, with no alterior motives. We are each good at something, and I personally, would rather refer out to someone who I KNOW is going to do an amazing job, than shoot something that isn’t my strong point, JUST for the money.

I especially LOVE when I hear that one of them is expecting a new little bundle!!!

This sweet girl belongs to Gerad’s Photography, located here, in Lewiston. She is extra special, because we’re birthday buddies!!;)She just turned a year old, and I still get tagged in her pictures.;)Her daddy is pretty proud of her, and still swears that I taught her how to perfectly fold her little hands. hehee!!!!

This little chunk muffin belongs to Stellar Styles Photography, who is also located in Lewiston. I met her mama through Amy McCall Photography, and we hit it off. (I absolutely adore both these photographers.) They are so sweet, and both amazingly talanted.

These beautiful girls belong to my partner in crime.. Meshelle Photography. An amazing newborn photographer, located in Spokane. We both started about the same time, and instead of being intimidated by eachother, we reached out to eachother, and became really good friends. We’ve watched eachother grow, as well as watched eachothers families grow. She drove down from Spokane, in a blizzard, to capture Piper’s birth, then drove down again, two weeks later, to help me with her newborn photos. THAT is a good friend!!!! <3

I can’t wait to see who is going to be adding to their family next!;)

March 22, 2015 - 10:47 pm

Nicole Mattar - Dear Stephanie. Your work is incredible. Your beautiful patriotic shoot captured a chord in me. You see, I am an immigrant and I became a citizen less year ago. My 20 year journey has been long, arduous and pained. People do not understand what freedom truly means. I did not understand until I came to the USA. Your photo explains it wordlessly. The sacrifice, courage and profound love our heroes have for our country, freedom and just the good for all mankind is captured so beautifully. Now, I am expecting my little boy I September… I hope that somehow I get to have you do the shoot. Of course it will have to be road trip :)

December 10, 2015 - 12:46 pm

Linda - What little sweeties. Your work is lovely.

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