What makes Stephanie different from others newborn photographers?
Stephanie has 10 years of experience handling and soothing babies. Notice in her pictures how calm and relaxed baby looks. Their fingers are relaxed, and there is no tension anywhere in their tiny bodies. Stephanie smoothly transitions from one pose to the next, often times without disturbing baby. She is jokingly referred to as “a baby whisperer” by many parents.
Not only is Stephanie experienced with babies, but she also has a background in the medical field, and keeps an up to date CPR certification, as well as up to date immunizations (flu, whooping cough, ect) to protect her tiniest of clients.
She makes sure your session is customized to YOU, often times, purchasing special goodies for your session. Notice every picture she posts is unique? Rarely does she shoot two of the same set up, unless specifically requested. Because of this, you get one of a kind pictures of your sweet new baby. She pays attention to every detail, from a wrinkle in the backdrop or blanket, to how a hat should properly fit, to making sure the angle of the light highlights your babies individual features. Once you session is over, Stephanie’s work has just begun. She individually edits each image, making sure to remove any red patches or blemishes, and pays special attention to the overall image, making sure that it will print beautifully. You will never go home with digital files that are muddy and dark, over processed, or overexposed. She takes into account that printing, depending on size, may require cropping. There is nothing worse than not being able to print your favorite image because it will crop off their little feet, or peach fuzzy head. When you book with Stephanie Krupicka Photography, you are booking with a respected professional. You can rest assured that your session will be exactly as you have dreamed of.

When should you book your session?
Before baby is born is the best time to book your session. Let us know your due date, and we will put a note on the calendar. Babies rarely come on the EDD’s, so we will be sure to have a time slot available for baby, when he or she decides to make their grand entrance. The best time to do your shoot is before 15 days of age. After that they begin to wake easier, and are more aware of their surroundings.
If baby is already in your arms, book your session as soon as possible. The best time is before 15 days of age.

What should you bring to your session?
Baby spends most of the shoot in their birthday suit. If you have any family heirlooms that you would like to use in your photograph’s, please feel free to bring those along. We love using these treasured items, as it makes your session one of a kind.

Some helpful tips for a smooth session.
Try to bring baby with a full belly. If that is not possible, please be ready to feed baby before we start the session.
Try to keep baby awake for a few hours before the session. A sleepy baby is best.
Book as soon as possible. The older they get, the more opinionated they are.

What is baby potties during the shoot?
No worries!! All the props (and clothes) are washable for that reason.;)

Are the babies actually suspended in the air, or holding themselves up?
No. Safety is ALWAYS our number one priority. There is always a spotter, and baby is never put in any danger. If we don’t feel if can be done safely, we will not do it. These images are what are called “composites” they are two to three images merged to create the “look” of baby hanging, or holding themselves in postitions.

I look forward to meeting you and your new addition!