What is Newborn Photography?

What is Newborn Photography, and why choose a photographer who specializes in newborns??

Photographer’s who specialize in newborns will often photograph newborns asleep. Typically in a their bare skin. They are masters at lulling and keeping babies asleep, all while using creative techniques in posing and arranging to provide you with magical images of your little one at their tiniest.

Why so early? It is because of the rapid disappearance of these newborn traits that most newborn photographers recommend an infant be photographed in his or her first ten days of life. Believe it or not, just a few weeks makes a major difference in a child’s development in those early days–and the goal of newborn photography is to capture the very first details of a baby’s journey in life. Newborn photographers are experts in recording and enhancing these details, and it’s crucial that babies are brand new–so they are still super-sleepy, and they still like to maintain their favorite position, the “curl” that they had in their mother’s womb.

Making the decision to capture your little one’s very first qualities, choosing to preserve your child’s very first days, investing in newborn photographs for your little one is something you will never regret. It is time you will never get back, a brief snapshot in your child’s life that is so unique, and so evanescent, and so important to remember forever; your images will be treasured not only by you and your loved ones, but by your baby himself as he grows, and for generations to come.

“They are only this little, for a little while”